We bring access to world-class education. However that is not it. The advantage of our online courses and learning materials comes with the flexibility they bring forth. Refugees whose financial status requires them to be in a full time job can study at their leisure from home. Those with families and personal commitments can still attend their duties without having to abandon education. They will be able to study what they have always dreamt of through a huge array of online courses. They will waste no time as they wait for their legal status at their host countries to be finalised, for they will be able to study throughout their waiting period, graduate earlier, and contribute to their hosting society sooner. The students will have full access to our innovative online learning tools which answer the specific needs of refugees and are not available at any other institution for higher education. It is an undeniable fact that an internationally accepted degree is a huge opportunity for refugees to become a contributing individual in the society they are in. It will ease their integration in their host community and give them the chance of a better life. Not to mention the opportunity of participating in rebuilding and improving their home countries and societies for the coming generations.


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